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Sailing the East Coast to the West Coast of Scotland through the Caledonian Canal.

Port Edgar (Edinburgh) to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands At last, after six years on the hard (in a cradle on land) at Port Edgar Marina, we finally launched Toucan on August 10, 2022. It was a long slog to service or replace all the electronics, and overhaul...

Trinidad to Scotland – Trans-Atlantic Crossing

We were now living in Scotland looking after my mum who had Alzheimers and Toucan was still in the Caribbean. We decided to bring the boat over to Scotland, but Deb had to stay behind to look after mum, and that meant I would have to single-hand sail the boat across...

Sailing the Caribbean – North to Martinique and South to Grenada

This two part video is from 1996 (old technology!) when Deb was away on a trip to Canada and our good friends Bill and Kaye were sailing southward from St Martin. I thought it would be a good idea to sail up to Martinique and sail back down the Windward Islands - St...

Merida, Andes Mountains, Venezuela

  Merida and the Andes Mountains We fancied a trip to the Andes Mountains while we were anchored off of Puerta La Cruise, Venezeula. So the first order was to secure Toucan at the marina as there was a lot of theft in the area. And an unattended boat anchored off...

Beyond the Orinoco Rapids – by Deb

Once you’ve settled into the cruisers’ lifestyle at Puerto La Cruz, it is worth taking the time to explore beyond the harbour! Here’s our story about our trip into a remote corner of Venezuela.

It started when Kaye pointed to a dot on the map midway down the Columbian – Venezuelan border, and exclaimed, “This is the only part of Venezuela that we haven’t visited yet – let’s go!”

Sailing the Caribbean (Rough Guide)

Sailing the Caribbean It seems to be always blowing 20 knots from the Atlantic either from the North east or South East direction (the wagging of the dogs tail), and the seas are normally 4-6 ft on the windward side of the islands, so we always sail on the leaward...

Macro Photography Guide

(above) Hover Fly feeding on wild oragano flowers (Macro 105 mm lens, Bowens 750 watt monoblock, full size softbox)   The better name could be ‘Close-up Photography’ because macro means ‘the very large’. Macro Photography is used when the subject appears life...

An introduction to Infrared photography

The "Near" Infrared part of the light spectrum is the area that is of interest. We have at one end the light spectrum the Infrared, then the Visible light (that we all can see), and beyond to the Ultra Violet. Almost all digital CCD's in cameras today are sensitive to...

General Landscape Photography Guide

Equipment for Landscape Photography My Personal equipment list; Camera A solid tripod with a good head. Wide-angle lens anything around 20mm to 35mm is good. But the all rounder lens 18mm - 200mm zoom for me is the most versatile. Circular Polariser Filter Neutral...


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